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News Road Rage is bringing Road Rash-style bike combat to consoles and PC this November


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With games such as MXGP 2, Valentino Rossi The Game and Ride 2 out this year, 2016 has been an exceptional year for bike racing game fans – and there's still more to come. Milestone has the monopoly when it comes to bike racing simulation games, but next month sees the release of two arcade offerings: Moto Racer 4 and Road Rage.

We've already seen the former in action in with the release of a Moto Racer 4 reveal trailer, but other than a few early screenshots Road Rage has been shrouded in secrecy since it was first announced. However, publisher Maximum Games has now released a Road Rage gameplay trailer revealing some new details about the Road Rash-style bike combat racer.

As the trailer explains, Road Rage is set in the open world city of Ashen which has been taken over by motorcycle gang members. You play as the newest recruit of a gang with the aim to become club president. Road Rage will feature 42 story missions and 56 side missions bringing the total to 98, ranging from timed races and delivery missions, to gang brawls and of course Road Rash-style combat races. Bike and rider customisation options will also be available. 

Road Rage is in development by Team6, which admittedly doesn't fill me with confidence – this is the same team responsible for the atrocity that was FlatOut 3: Total Insanity. Graphically, Road Rage looks quite dated at this stage and the rider physics look like they need more work – particularly the combat animations which look comically exaggerated when riders get thrown sky high into the air.

It's worth noting too that Road Rage isn't the only Road Rash-style bike game out this year. Road Redemption is also due out on PC this year, but there's currently no firm release date since it was delayed due to the Louisiana floods

Road Rage hits the streets on PS4, Xbox One and PC November 15th and will be available for £29.99. Pre-ordering will also give you access to exclusive characters and weapons. 

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