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News Riding the waves in Kinect Sports Rivals jet ski racing – a belated Wave Race 64 remake?


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Time for something different: when was the last time you saw a decent water-based racing game released?

Many of you will probably point to the Wave Race on N64, an acclaimed jet ski racing game from way back in 1996 that was later released on Wii's Virtual Console in 2007. I on the other hand fondly remember Rapid Racer on PS1, a powerboat racing game notable for being the first game to fully utilise the PlayStation's dual shock analogue controls. 

While lurking around GamesCom, Alan stumbled across Kinect Sports Rivals, and while there was the usual mix of throwaway football, bowling and tennis sports mini games we've come to expect from these launch titles, there was one that caught his eye – a Wave Race-style jet ski game that could almost be perceived as a belated remake of the N64 classic.

Judging from the gameplay he captured from Gamescom, it could easily warrant its own standalone release if it was more fleshed out. Let's just hope it's compatible with a control pad – as many of you have already protested in the comments, Kinect's motion sensing controls aren't for everyone and often leave a lot to be desired. 


Alternatively, you could just ride a jet ski in GTA V for a similar experience. Honestly, the water effects are surprisingly advanced for a sandbox game if you're in need of a therapeutic break from all those relentless driving and shooting shenanigans. 

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