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News Ridge Racer Draw & Drift slides onto iOS and Android


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All together now: it's Riiiidge Raaaacer…but not quite as you know it. 

Out of nowhere, Bandai Namco has released Ridge Racer Draw & Drift  on mobile platforms. However, the newest entry in the long-running arcade racer series is not a traditional Ridge Racer game: you map out the layout of the track by tracing your finger on the screen and tap when prompted to drift while your car is driven automatically. 

Other Ridge Racer hallmarks are still intact however, from the slick graphics and fast paced action to the electronic soundtrack. Oh, and series mascot Reiko Nagase makes an appearance at the start of each race as well. 

Ridge Racer Draw & Drift features 16 cars to unlock with different Power, Handling and Nitro abilities, six city-based tracks and you can also play online with up to four players.

Ridge Racer Draw & Drift is currently free-to-play on the Google Play and iOS store. Yes, that means you can expect to see optional micro-transactions as with most mobile racing games.  

If you're looking for a more traditional Ridge Racer experience on mobiles, Ridge Racer Slipstream is a better option. As a spin-off, Ridge Racer Draw & Drift looks to offer some casual racing fun, but it's clear that fans of the series are pining for a fully fledged sequel.  

Indeed, it's been a long time since we've seen a new traditional Ridge Racer game. Ridge Racer used to reliably appear at every PlayStation console launch, so its abscense was felt when the PS4 launched without a Ridge Racer game in tow.

Ridge Racer last launched on the PlayStation Vita, but was poorly received since it heavily relied on DLC to flesh out the game. Ridge Racer 7, on the other hand, was the last traditional game in the series to be released on home console before BugBear's destructive spin-off Ridge Racer Unbounded steered the series into a new direction.

Are you hoping to see a new current-gen Ridge Racer game?

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