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News rFactor 2: 1966 Spa & Monaco GP tracks updated to version 2


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Game: Rfactor 2

Platform: PC

Publisher: Image Space Incorporated

Release Date: 28/03/2013

rFactor 2's classic Monaco (Monte Carlo) and Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) 1966 Grand Prix tracks have now been updated to version 2.

The old version of Monte Carlo proved to be difficult to run on some systems with poor performance and stuttering plaguing the experience. The new version 2 update addresses these issues completely. Pop up and stuttering are now a thing of the past according to developer Image Space Inc.(ISI).

The Belgium track was showing its age ever since it was first released for rFactor 2 and hasn't aged well since as you can imagine. ISI weren't not exactly keen on revisiting the track due to all of the problems previously encountered, but thanks to popular demand, have now cleaned up the track and optimised it as best they can.

Both tracks can be downloaded at this link and both weigh in around the 300 MB mark. You can view the full changelogs of the tracks below along with the newly released screenshots.

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Monaco Changelog:

Implemented latest RealRoad shader

Cleaned up and improved road texture set

Improved road wet masks

Replaced textured stripes with physical ones

Implemented new terrain shader

Remapped terrain for new terrain shader

Fixed a few missing terrain shadows

Optimized fence textures and materials

Made tunnel a bit darker

Optimized billboard vegetation for better and smoother performance

Improved vegetation texture set

Reduced vegetation flickering

Optimized building materials

Fixed smoothing on buildings

Optimized LOD and shadow distances on all objects for better performance

Optimized crowds

Slightly improved marshal textures

Fixed various UV glitches

Cleaned up messy wet reflections

Tweaked fog values

Reverted MIP Map bias to default

Set speed limit to 999

Removed HDR Profiles

Replaced loading screen with new HD version

Added Test Team RRBINs 

Belgium Changelog:

Bias fix for all materials/stages

Various 3D models fix to limit flickering and glitches

Removed obsolete materials

Completely new set of LOD Out values to reduce models popup while driving

Fixed floating trees in the distance

Fixed terrain edge textures to avoid lateral “”running”” white glitches

Fixed buildings element detaching/smoothing

Fixed Buildings albedo maps

Fixed Crowd albedo and saturation

Fixed Animals albedo and saturation

Fixed powerline intersecting houses

Fixed chimneys flickering

Fixed Yellow banner flickering

Fixed terrain smoothing

Fixed terrain gaps

Fixed pit exit road

Fixed bridge flickering

Fixed doors and extrusions flickering

Fixed houses sponsor flickering

Fixed Shell tower flickering

Fixed some overdone material speculars

Fixed Groove line reflectivity

Improved glass materials

Overall terrain/surfaces albedo/saturation tuning and color balancing

All Normal Maps channels fix

Improved surfaces/mat fresnels for houses, buildings and structures

Improved RealRoad material Normal Maps

Alpha to Chroma conversion to reduce the impact of transparency renders

Stone/Concrete walls remapped and improved

New textures pack for main sponsor towers

New texture for concrete barriers

Sponsor signs remap

New texture set for main trees

Tweaked MaxRange to limit shadows running

New Loading Screen

Improved CAMs

Minor corridor restrictions

Track is now labelled as Belgium 1966 instead 1967

Re-estimated fuel usage

Added support for two more cars
Some TDF tuning to match latest standards

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