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News Retro-inspired Racing Apex confirmed for Wii U


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Previously announced for PC, Mac and Linux, the retro-inspired Racing Apex has now been confirmed for Wii U release which certainly comes as a surprise since it hasn't been confirmed for PS4 or Xbox One yet.

UK indie studio Lucky Mountain Games confirmed the news on Twitter in response to a fan, confirming that a Wii U is being planned.

Racing Apex takes its inspiration from early 3D polygon arcade racing games from 1988's Winning Run to the seminal Virtua Racing released in 1992. As a homage, Racing Apex features a distinctive "vertex coloured hard edged polygon style."

30 upgradeable cars will feature split into four categories (Standard, Pro Race, Speed or Rally) with arcade-style handling that's easy to play but hard to master and powerup pickups to take out opponents.

A Kickstarter was launched for Racing Apex back in May but has since been postponed while the developer works on a PC demo due out soon.

The news must come as a welcome relief to patient Wii U owners waiting for a new racing game release – particularly as it's looking increasingly unlikely that we'll see 90's Arcade Racer pull up onto the platform

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