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News Retro-inspired 2D racer 80’s Overdrive releases on 3DS


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80's Overdrive, an unashamed love letter to the 2D 16-bit era arcade racing game genre, is now available to buy on the Nintendo eShop for £8.99.

80s overdrive retro 16 bit racing game nintendo 3dsThe retro-themed racer, developed by Insane Code, features a career boasting over thirty events; a time attack mode which will see you racing against the clock; and even a track editor which enables you to create and share your very own designs.

Six suitably retro cars are available to the player, each can be upgraded in several areas to improve their acceleration, top speed and handling. The game's tracks are split into eight unique graphical themes and are set to a backdrop of 13 synth/retrowave audio scores.

Why not feast your eyes on the launch trailer below.

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