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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

As part of the beta's latest weekly build, the Renaultsport Megane hot hatch has been added to Project CARS.

Build 402's main highlight is, indeed, quite an exciting one, and not only for fans of powerful, front-wheel drive hot hatchbacks. Not only does the Ford Focus RS that was added last week now have a credible rival in the world of Project CARS, but we also expect it to be quite an epic car to thrash about on the raggedy edge.

After all, given it's been lavished with praise by the motoring press since the car's launch in 2010, and that the physics in Project CARS are continously edging closer to the simulation spectrum of the racing game genre with every update, it is at least understandable to expect the Megane to be epic!

Of course, we'll let you decide that for yourselves. So, what are you waiting for? If you're a WMD member, load up Project CARS and try it out NOW!!!

A word of warning, though: it appears that Slightly Mad Studios (the developers of Project CARS) haven't acquired the full licencing from Renault as of yet, so the Megane is at the moment listed as a "Pirault Mega SR".

For the rest of the changes that have been made to Project CARS this week, scroll down to see what's been added and improved.

Build 402
Debug Keys:

* Disabled screen grab in DX11 mode, until full fix is ready (only in race, will still crash if used in the main menu)

* Render the Skydome in phase 1 of the RVM – needed for the depth faded particles (tyre smoke etc) to ZBuffer correctly against the sky

* Bonnet envmap rendering corrected for skinned parts (eye vector normalization added in fragment shader); well this will slightly affect more things on skinned parts, but this one was reported

Ghost Mode: 

Bug Fixes:

* White Edges Bug Fixed (both DX9/DX11)

* Fixes left key pressing in main menu affecting the camera choices

* Depth faded particle shader fixed to correctly honour the viewport dimensions


* Further balancing changes to Road tyres



* Azure Circuit: Green neon lights added

* Azure Circuit: Finished to rework kerbs and cut the mesh under them, reworked wrong armco and added missing ones, reworked sidewalk in front of the hotel the paris, mirabeau-fairmont, added missing conc side kerb, fixed geometry and mapped where needed, merged latest from JanP, fixed csm, fixed conc barriers positio

* Milan: Added racing line, skids, adverts


* Fixed shader code which made matte paint look glossy when rain support was enabled

* BMW M3 GT: Added 2 fictional liveries

* Pagani Huayra: Fixed carbon material not getting rain effects

* Ford Focus RS: fixed a typo causing asymmetry in the front suspension geometry

* Staro SRS: Idle throttle adjusted to allow stalling, downforce from reference article

* Pirault Mega SR: Basic physics setup with accurate engine, gearbox and some suspension data

* Pirault Mega SR: Added runtime files

* Pirault Mega SR: Added collision export

* Pirault Mega SR: Added paint colours + cockpit display

* Pirault Mega SR: Added first export

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