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News Reiza Studios rebrands GSC 2013 as Game Stock Car Extreme


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Brazilian racing game developer Reiza Studios has renamed Game Stock Car 2013 to Game Stock Car Extreme, as part of its latest update for the PC racing title.

Alongside the rebrand, the V1.15 patch for Game Stock Car also adds more new content to the driving simulator, ranging from new tracks like the Circuit de Gilles Velleneuve in its more technical 1988 configuration, to extra racing cars such as the fictional, F1-inspired Formula V12 single seater.

Reiza has also confirmed extra enhancements to Game Stock Car Extreme's overall driving physics are also to be improved in upcoming updates. According to the developer, these improvements will include a more realistic tyre model, dynamic track and weather changes during races and a new transmission model.

To help finance the development of these alterations to Game Stock Car, Reiza Studios has announced a crowd-funding programme will be launched. It's expected this iuser-sourced nvestment initiative will be unveiled in the coming months.

A full list of patch notes for Game Stock Car V1.15 can be found below:

  • Added Floripa race track + 4 kart layouts;
  • Added Montreal 1988;
  • Added Interlagos Historic external ring layout;
  • Added Formula V12 (field currently limited to 4 teams and drivers for v1.15 – more to come in v1.20).

General features / Bug Fixes

  • Added fix for CTD when qualifying sessions are turned off;
  • Added options to switch qualifying off and manually set grid position;
  • Added fix for pre-race grid reordering functionality (for Dedicated only);
  • Corrected flag animations flapping widely when a time acceleration is in place;
  • Support for realtime steering wheel rotation adjustment from the Controller menu (min 180º max 900º);
  • Adjusted default rearview height / width;
  • Minimum vertical FOV setting adjusted from 35º to 10º;
  • Adjusted default shadow updates, sky update frames for smoother shadow transitions;
  • Executable now is set to include +fullproc by default (for better performance in modern CPUs);
  • Tire compounds may now have different textures (configured using cockpitinfo.ini file – see F-Reiza for example);
  • Driver name labels have been adjusted and relocated to a less instrusive look (still requires some tweaking).
  • Series RFMs have been made available for editing;
  • All series now have its own RFM, with the adittion of an ALL CARS / ALL TRACKS component (to be used wisely – don´t expect AI karts to work well in race circuits or race cars on kart tracks!)


  • Fixed issue with invisible walls in Caruaru;
  • Improved alternative cloudy sky texture;
  • Fixed sky issues with Cordoba and Brasilia;
  • Improved AI paths for Cordoba and Jacarepagua 2005.


  • Slightly improved F-Retro onboard sounds;
  • Speed of sound adjusted from 290 m/s to 340 m/s (for slightly more realistic doppler effect);


  • All cars have received a brake temperature response curve adjustment to generally provide better and feel and be less susceptible to lock-ups;
  • F-Retro tires slightly adjusted;
  • Kart rear toe slightly adjusted.
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