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News Redout receives major patch update and new Space Exploration expansion


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Game: Redout

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date: 14/05/2019 (Switch)

Redout is one of the most underrated futuristic racing titles currently available. We can't get enough of its creatively-designed race tracks, superb sense of speed, and craft that take skill to master. And now 34BigThings' WipeOut-inspired racer has just got better with the release of a substantial patch that adds a slew of improvements to the game. 

Currently available for the PC version of the game, the game has been rebuilt for Unreal Engine 4.17.2, which further optimizes the performance. 34BigThings says you will see a 15 percent improvement in the game's performance in every track of the game. Progression has also been updated in response to community feedback which resulted in changes to the wall physics and friction, which is now more powerful at higher levels and speeds.

A Space Exploration Pack has also been released for Redout, which new Moon and P-AR219 environments, 10 tracks, two bosses, three liveries and five exclusive ship colors. It's currently available to download on Steam at a discounted price of £8.09.

You can view the entire Redout patch 1.5.1 patch update below.

More fixes for the uber-famous FATAL ERROR at launch.

There were some weird sounds from other ships. Which was weird. Nobody likes weird sounds from other ships.

Another 10% performance improvements in all environments. Also, Abruzzo should have way less fps drops compared to 1.5.0. Sorry Blu.

Something else happened in Abruzzo.

Music stopped doing weird stuff online. Like hosting a normal lobby.

Fixed a bug that resulted into an alone player in an online match racing for 0 laps. Sadly, Autowinning.

From the 1.5.0 Changelog:


New wall friction implemented.



Removed 5.1 and Stereo switch for the audio output. We now detect automatically which one to use.

Fixed colliders on the crystals at the end of the pipe in Mars Opportunity.

Something happened in Abruzzo.

The camera in VR had some serious issues when restarting a race or during the second race in a tournament, making it almost impossible to race it. Fixed.

Quickrace prestart had some clipping issues. Now claps.

Mars storms were interfering with our savegames and did not allow us to save your times properly. Managed to water more rocks to calm down the weather. It worked, for now.

There was a bug where AP would stop working after using EMG, EPSS or ED. Fixed.

Flamey and Digital liveries were broken for conqueror na'isha.

Fixed some typos in descriptions.

Two bunnies added to the game.
No new pilots added to the game, yet.

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