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News Redout Lightspeed Edition now runs at 60fps and 4k on Xbox One X


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Game: Redout

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date: 14/05/2019 (Switch)

Developed by 34BigThings, the WipEout-inspired Redout is one of the most innovative futuristic racing games released in a long time thanks to its unique dual-stick control scheme. The initial PC version was met with critical acclaim, so we were eagerly anticipating its wider release on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Sadly, while Redout LIghtspeed Edition is a faithful port of the original that includes some of the previously released as DLC as standard, its choppy frame rate let it down. 

On PS4, Redout Lightspeed Edition runs at 1080P and an unstable 60fps, while on Xbox One the game has been downgraded to 972P with reduced visual effects and a capped 30fps which reduces the sense of speed. Despite being locked to 30fps, the game still suffered frame rate drops making it by far the most poorly optimised version of the game. It's a different story on PS4 Pro, as the game runs at a solid 60fps and 1080P resolution.

Fortunately, 34BigThings has now deployed a massive Xbox One X Enhanced update that brings "hundreds of changes and improvements" to both Xbox One and Xbox One X owners. On Xbox One, the game is now rendered at a dynamic 4k resolution and runs at a solid 60fps, providing superior image quality on 4k TVs and a crisper, super-sampled image on 1080p TVs. 

In addition, the new patch includes over 300 fixes since the last update, ranging from stability and bugfixes, to metagame calibration and balancing. Every environment has also received a major performance update, with Abruzzo and Europa being the most notably improved resulting in significantly smoother gameplay all-round. The dynamic resolution scaler has also received major updates, and 34BigThings has added some additional Christmas-themed easter eggs for players to find.

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