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News Redout: Cairo SRRL challenge with warp gates gameplay


Kevin Dooley


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We continue our career play through of Redout on the PC with a race like nothing you've ever seen before.

Indeed the Cairo SRRL challenge starts out normal enough however that all soon changes when we pass through the first vortex. Just like magic, the vortex teleports us to a different stage altogether which was surprising to say the least and not something we can ever remember seeing before in a racing title.

Now you'd be forgiven for thinking that developer 34BigThings would give you a chance to settle in to the new environment you are being teleported into with a nice straight piece of track. However that's a luxury that the dev team have not granted you so you need to memorise which direction you need to go in immediately after you've warped to a new area which adds to the thrill factor and challenge.

You can view the blistering speeds and warping action of the SRRL challenge at Cairo below.

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