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News Realistic handling top-down racer Roadclub: League Racing releases next week


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Game: Roadclub: League Racing

Platform: PC

Publisher: Solid Core

Release Date: 08/01/2019

[UPDATE] Added the brand new trailer, the original article follows.

The realistic handling top-down indie racing game Roadclub: League Racing will see its official release (on Steam) on Tuesday, January 8 – exactly two years after its initial early access release.

Roadclub: League Racing is inspired by racing titles such as Micro Machines, Death Rally and Super Cars II. The title features racing clubs where members can fight their way to the top division in a league system (hence its name), this plays out as a single-player mode as the developer doesn’t have enough resources to make this possible online.

The new trailer showcases the different terrain and weather effects you come up against, check it out below.

You start your career with a low powered car as you challenge members to races whilst upgrading and collecting cars. Gaining promotion through the divisions will earn you additional cars, tracks and leagues on your way to the very top where you’ll face off against the “Roadclub Master”.

All cars can be enhanced with engine, weight reduction and nitro power upgrades available. To complement the single-player portion, there is a local multiplayer mode with support for up to four players.

There’s tons more we would have liked to do but we think 2 years in early access is more than enough. Doing everything we wanted for this game would’ve easily taken 10+ years“, stated developer Solid Core. “Due to recent confusion I’d like to be very clear that we haven’t made any promises at all for future updates, this might be it but we’d like to do a couple more community requested things and a couple of our own ideas if time and energy allows. We’re both out of holidays and will be going back to our regular jobs next week so time will again be extremely limited.”

The launch price will also be updated to $9.99 or your region equivalent.

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