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News Real Racing 3 sets the graphical pinnacle for mobile racing


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The mobile gaming market has come on in leaps and bounds over the years, to a point that, visually, many games are starting to rival those found on traditional handheld gaming devices and indeed home consoles.

Case in point is Real Racing, a series that has consistently raised the bar for what the iPhone and iPad can achieve for racing games thanks to its authentic licensed car roster, solid driving controls and boundary-pushing graphics. Real Racing 2 was particularly notable for including 16 car races, a feat that many of its console counterparts even fail to achieve.

During its annual summer showcase, EA has now unveiled Real Racing 3 which is being developed by the newly formed Australia-based Firemonkeys team. In case you were wondering how such a name was formed, Firemint, the original developer of the first two Real Racing games and the criminally-addictive Flight control, was recently merged with Iron Monkey, who developed the mobile version of Dead Space.

After watching the announcement trailer it's genuinely staggering to think that a game with such high quality graphics is achievable on a mobile. Squint, and we dare say this could have been easily mistaken for one of the original Forza Motorsport games. The interiors, the track detail, the convincing reflections…if Gran Turismo is destined for the PS Vita then it already has some serious competition in the graphics department.

We're awaiting a full car list, but so far the confirmed manufacturers are Porsche, Dodge and Audi. Being a game published by EA, it comes as no surprise whatsoever that they chose to remind us of their hold on the Porsche license by packing them into every shot and omitting other manufacturers in the trailer.

A full line-up of real-world tracks will feature for the first time in the series, too. Glimpses of Laguna Seca are predominately seen in the trailer, but Silverstone and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will also feature. And if you thought Real Racing 2's ability to render 16 cars on the grid, Real Racing 3 will, incredibly, up that total to 22.

It's safe to say we're intrigued and very excited to find out how Real Racing 3 drives when it launches towards the end of the year on iPhone, IPad and Android devices. You can also watch additional footage exclusively on the Real Racing 3 Facebook page.

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