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News Real Racing 3 release slips into February 2013


Martin Bigg


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Those eager to play Real Racing 3, arguably the most technically-accomplished mobile racer to date, will have to wait a teeny bit longer now, as FireMonkeys has confirmed on Facebook that the iPad racer will no longer make lts scheduled late 2012 release. Instead, they are now aiming to get Real Racing 3 ready "by the end of February 2012".

As with most delays, the need to apply extra polish has been cited as the reason for the delay in order to "get ti absolutely right.". We can't say we're surprised, though – much like Assetto Corsa, news on the development had become suspisiously scarce as the end of the year drew increasingly closer.

While the delay may be disappointing for some, we're sure the developers know what they're doing, and if the final result is as good as it can possibly be then it's worth the sacrifice for the sake of a couple of months.  

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