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News Real Racing 3 developer diary discusses time-shifted multiplayer


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The Aussie team at FireMonkeys has released the third in their series of developer diaries for their upcoming mobile game Real Racing 3, this time focusing on one of its most unique and unusual selling points: time-shifted multiplayer. 

In essence, time-shifted multiplayer is a unique twist on ghost laps where you race against AI representations of your friends. Cleverly, if somewhat creepily, Real Racing 3 creates an AI representation of anyone who plays the game, tracking your driving style and recording lap times, thus allowing you to race against friends even if they're offline. 

Unlike traditional ghost laps, these opponents can be fully interacted with, too, so you can shunt them off the track if you're that way inclined. 

​​Time-shifted multiplayer certainly sounds like a clever concept, and could be revolutionary for mobile multiplayer racing when Real Racing 3 gets the green light in February on iOS and Android. 

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