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News Rally specialists to co-develop Bentley’s upcoming GT3 racer


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Even though it's owned by Volkswagen – one of the largest and most profitable car companies in the world – it seems that the people who work at and run Bentley prefer to do things their own way, and with as little assistance from its foster parent as possible.

However, it seems the Bentley board of directors know they'll need the support of a partner with motorsports expertise if it's to get the Continental GT3 race car it showcased at the Paris Motor Show on the track.

Which it believes it has found with Malcom Wilson Motorsport (also known as 'M-Sport').

In a recent announcement, it's been said that Bentley will co-operate with M-Sport – the firm that, until late, used to support Ford's campaign in the WRC – and will offer "focused technical expertise" to Bentley's in-house motorsports division.

Commenting on the new collaboration, M-Sport's Malcom Wilson remarks that "joining forces with Bentley to help create the new Continental GT3 is a rare privilege. Bentley’s design and analysis work to-date has shown that the Continental GT road car can become an extremely competitive race car, and we are looking forward to capitalising on our extensive competition car development experience and success to help Bentley realise their goals.”

Bentley expects the finished car to make its on-track debut sometime towards the end of 2013, whilst the Continental GT3 Concept Racer that made its debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show will be on display at next year's Autosport Show in January.

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