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News Racing smash-‘em-up Stunt Wheels coming soon to Mac and iOS


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UK based games studio Kempt Games have recently announced that their Mac and iOS Smash-'em-up racer Stunt Wheels will launch on May 28 for iOS and Mac platforms. The game can be described as a retro top-down arcade combat racer in a comic book-esque style. 

You must battle against your rivals all while avoiding oil slicks, TNT and squirrels (obviously). Expect to get your hands on several silly power ups such as the purple-hot laser wang and the tommy-gun weilding Mob Mode. If that wasn't crazy enough you can also throw in some barrel rolls, back flips and explosions for good measure. Take a look at some Stunt Wheels action in the trailer below.

Stunt Wheels has a unique multiplayer feature – you can play the Mac version of the game and use iOS mobile devices as controllers in split-screen party play mode. Kempt Games say that this feature is an App Store first.

Stunt Wheels is set to launch on May 28 on the App Store and Mac App Store and features music from CJ Wildheart, the Eureka Machines and Slash’s bassist Todd Kerns. If you can't wait until then to play it you have the option to sign-up for the beta test here.

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