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News Racing games going cheap in PlayStation Plus Double Discounts sale


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The PlayStation Plus Double Discounts sale has returned to the PlayStation Store this week and so we thought we'd highlight all the decent savings available on lots of racing games.

The sale lasts until April 25, and PlayStation Plus members get an additional discount on top of the already decent deals. Take a look at the list of racing titles below (The prices noted are for PlayStation Plus members).

playstation store double discounts sale

ATV Drift & Tricks £4.79
Baja: Edge of Control HD £9.99
Carmageddon Max Damage £6.39
DiRT 4 £15.49
Ducati 90th Anniversary £4.79
F1 2015 £8.39
F1 2016 £10.99
Gravel £26.99
Gravel Special Edition £35.99
Monster Jam Crush It! £5.99
Moto Racer 4 £10.49
Moto Racer 4 Deluxe Edition £16.49
MotoGP 17 £13.99
MX vs ATV Supercross Encore £4.99
MXGP £9.99
MXGP Compact £2.39
MXGP Compact to full game upgrade £4.99 
MXGP 3 £14.99
MXGP 3 Special Edition £17.99
MXGP 3 Season Pass £5.99
Need for Speed £9.99
Need for Speed Deluxe Edition £10.79 
Need for Speed Deluxe Upgrade £3.19
Need for Speed Deluxe Bundle £11.99 (bundles Need for Speed Rivals)
Radial G: Racing Revolved £3.59
Ride £6.99
Ride Season Pass £2.39
Ride 2 £9.99
Ride 2 Special Edition £13.99
Ride 2 Season Pass £9.99
Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO £6.99 
Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO Special Edition £10.99 
Spintires: Mudrunner £20.99 
Valentino Rossi The Game £8.99
Valentino Rossi The Game Digital Deluxe £13.99
Valentino Rossi The Game Special Edition £11.59
Valentino Rossi The Game Season Pass £3.99
Valentino Rossi The Game Compact £3.19 
WRC 5 eSports Edition £7.19
WRC 6 £7.99

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