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Game: RaceRoom Racing Experience

Platform: PC

Publisher: Sector 3 Studios

Release Date: 12/02/2013

PC racing sim RaceRoom Racing Experience has undergone a large update today.

The new update introduces a wealth of new fixes to improve the overall general experience and sees improvements in multiplayer modes, audio and physics as well as various enhancements with several tracks and cars found within the sim.

Furthermore today's update paves the way for new content for RaceRoom which will release very soon according to developer Sector3 Studios. Sector 3 recommend that due to car physics changes, all players should reset car setups and steering settings to their default values. You can see the full list of fixes and improvements in the extensive changelog below. 

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– Downshift prevention logic implemented. Sequential gearbox will refuse to downshift if revs are going to end up above the limiter. H-Pattern gearbox will try and engage the gear and fail until revs are lower. 

– Added new things in Shared Memory block. Check our forum for details and link to updated github rep. 

– Added a new argument “-disableReplay” that can be added in Launch options on steam to disable replay recording. 

– Fixed an issue with not being able to select each car when number of cars is more than the visible cars set in options. 

– Implemented a new shadow system that improves performance and visuals. 

– Fixed an issue with drivetrain wobbling out of control when in Novice or when TC is 100% 

– Fixed an issue in audio where the coast backfire sound wasn’t stopping in some cases. 

– Fixed an issue with the TV cameras where you could see a couple of seconds of a wrong one.when switching to TV Cam. 

– Various HUD tweaks on areas where text would often not fit the given frame/field. 

– Made changes how frequency and damping are affected by gear ratios, to increase oscillation effect in higher gears 

– Added an option to load opponent cockpits (Video/Custom Settings) 

– Fixed an issue where the order on the left hand side of position bar was reversed. 

– Tweaked G25 & G27 FFB values in default profiles. 

– Fixed game video playback issues that were causing the experience menus to get slow and sluggish after a while. 


– Fixed a crash that occurred to everyone in the race if one of the participants had a name longer than 32 characters which was exceeding the buffer and causing issues in replay creation.

– Fixed mp dedi front end not loading properly on Internet Explorer. 

Audio & Physics & AI & Camera 

Aquila CR 1 Sports GT 

Silhouette Class 

– Canhard R51: 3.5L V6 normally aspirated (New sound!) 

– Cougar C14-1: 1.8L Inline-4 Turbo charged 

BMW M1 Procar 

GTR3 Class: 



– Tuned AI speed for latest code changes 


– A selection of cars have received additional onboard cameras (accessible with HOME key) 


– Zolder: reduced bumps 


– Gravel texture update 

– Fixed some fences clipping into ground 


– Adjusted and added some missing road entries/runoffs and some green curbs. 

– Added marshals at pit entry 

– Various bug fixes and changes 

Paul Ricard: 

– Moscow: Performance optimization 


– Mercedes C63 DTM 2015: Added Dekra sticker on side rear windows 

– Nissan Silvia: Fixed visuals for front brake calipers 

– Volvo 240: Filled some hole in cockpit 

– Citroen C Elysee 2014: Side mirrors UV’s were not straight 

Portal & Backend 

– Cleared all the leaderboard due to physics changes and downshift prevention implementation. 

– Removed Pixlr screenshot editing tool. 

– Shortened the registration form by removing some fields. 

– Fixed a small exploit that allowed players to use an unpurchased car after leaving test drive. 

– Fixed horizontal scrollbar appearing on purchase popups. 

– Tidied up purchased content page. 

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