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Game: RaceRoom Racing Experience

Platform: PC

Publisher: Sector 3 Studios

Release Date: 12/02/2013

After releasing several game seats and racing stands in the past, RaceRoom have unleashed their racing peripheral: the RaceRoom Driving Controller.

Designed primarily for R3E and compatible for PS3 and PC, the RaceRoom Driving Controller is a uniquely designed PS3-esque gamepad with amputated analogue sticks replaced with an attached mini steering wheel that apparently offers more precision than a conventional controller for playing racing games. All the buttons can be programmed to support all game features, and the controller also has vibration force feedback. Unfortunately, while the mini wheel adds extra steering precision, acceleration and braking precision will be sacrificed since there are no analogue triggers in contrast to a standard PS3 controller. 


The peripheral clearly caters for casual players reluctant to splash their cash on a full racing wheel setup, although having to steer with both thumbs could be cumbersome at first if you're used to standard analogue steering. How it compares to other cheaper alternatives for racing game enthusiasts such as wireless wheels remains to be seen, too. 

Nevertheless, as an alternative for casual racing enthusiasts who want some extra steering precision that a keyboard or controller simply cannot provide, the RaceRoom Driving Controller could still be worth a look, although the lack of triggers is an unfortunate setback for a product that prides itself as "the real racing controller" that offers an extra level of driving precision.. 

The RaceRoom Driving Controller can be ordered online at RaceRoom's website and is available in both wireless and wired form retailing for £24.95 and £34.95 respectively. 

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