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News Racecraft’s procedural tech demo is now available


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Vae Victis Games have recently made available their procedural tech demo for Racecraft.

The procedural tech demo, which you can access to by simply leaving your email at this location in return for a free Steam key, includes several features from the full game including the procedural generation of tracks of course.

You'll also have the ability to race against a real time adaptive AI driver or against yourself as a ghost. Players can also sample Racecraft's advanced driving menu where you can tune your car to your preferences.

Developer Vae Victis Games have stated that Racecraft is fairly deep into its development cycle with 40% of the graphics, 70% of the procedural engine, 40% of the procedural assets and 80% of the physics now complete.

Racecraft, which is inspired by the mega popular Minecraft, is best thought of as a racing sandbox which puts you in control of everything. Its procedurally generated tracks offer limitless configurations and the game's handling model leans more towards the simulation side of the spectrum which should offer players a decent challenge.

We'll keep an eye out on Racecraft and provide you guys updates as soon as we know more.

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