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News Race Arcade top-down racer now available on Xbox Games Store


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The new top-down racing game 'Race Arcade' has been released exclusively on the Xbox Games Store.

Produced by the Finnish independent game developer Iceflake Studios, Race Arcade is a top-down racer derived from the studio's 'Race Online' title released in April 2017 on the Steam marketplace.

Content-wise, Race Arcade contains six vehicles, with each one offering its own unique handling characteristics for players to master. Race Arcade also features over 100 different track layouts, situated in outlandish locations such as post-apocalyptic cities and lava fields.

A majority of Race Arcade's game modes primarily focus on the single-player aspect, with single races and a career mode forming the bedrock of the title's offline experience. Local multiplayer for up to six players is also supported in Race Arcade, and the title also contains time trial leaderboard functionality.

However, unlike the PC-exclusive Race Online, Race Arcade doesn't contain a track editor tool. At time of writing, it's unknown if Iceflake Studios has plans to introduce this feature to Race Arcade at a later date.

Race Arcade is available to purchase from the Xbox Games Store, with the title currently retailing in the UK for £7.99.

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