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News Quest-based hovercraft racer Smugglecraft releases on PS4 & PC


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SmuggleCraft, which is probably best described as a quest-based hovercraft racer from indie developer Happy Badger Studio, has been released on the PC and PlayStation 4. The title is currently only available on the US PlayStation Store at the time of writing, and cannot yet be found on the UK PlayStation Store.

SmuggleCraft (Happy Badger Studios' first title) certainly separates itself from other racing games thanks to its procedurally generated tracks, quests (which have alternate endings based on player choices) and interesting 3D environments with a distinct sci-fi theme, not to mention classical and 80 synth pop soundtrack.

Questing involves many missions which will see you moving illegal contraband and take part in high-speed chases. Smugglecraft features fully customisable hovercrafts, and thanks to the modular crafting system, hundreds of different combinations are possible.

Smugglecraft features a single player campaign and split screen multiplayer modes. Money can earned by completing missions which are used to pay off debts and progressing through Smugglecraft will see you helping out your chosen side in the world social conflict.

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