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GameArt Studios recently announced that their futuristic action racer Quantum Rush: Champions will be coming to the Xbox One console on June 19.

Quantum Rush: Champions is an offline single player racing game which features a career mode complete with 3 independent campaigns, several different challenges, various trials and even boss fights (with 21 bosses altogether). In total there are 14 very large futuristic race tracks which are set both on Earth and out in space.

Quantum Rush chugs along at a terrific pace which means you probably wont have much time to take in the game's environments which are stunning, there's a real eclectic mix and no two tracks feel the same. The racer includes customisation with unlockable parts, upgrades and weapons keeping the action fresh.

As you progress through the game you'll win races in order to unlock upgrades, new racers and new tracks. Quantum Rush: Champions also comes with an arcade mode which enables you to create and race custom trials if that's your thing.

Take a look at the new trailer below.

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