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News PSVR miniature racer Tiny Trax releases next week


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Game: Tiny Trax

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Futurlab

Release Date: 25/07/2017

It’s not everyday we see a new racer dedicated to the world of VR, so it was a pleasant surprise to first see Tiny Trax, by FuturLab, which requires use of the PlayStation VR headset to play.

The miniature slot-car racer releases on July 25 and challenges players to keep up speed by clever use of the thumbsticks: turn too early into a turn and you’ll slow dramatically, turning too much will grind you to a halt, so you need to find the sweet spot which also grants you additional turbo boost.

Add to that the fact that you are racing other competitors and have the ability to switch lanes at the press of a button, and you have a racer which, although looking easy to pick up and play, is actually hard to master.

Tiny Trax will see you racing in many different environments across its 12 tracks including ice caves, space stations and even underwater, fortunately breathing apparatus is not required. Online multiplayer is included, players can choose from 6 vehicles to race AI, or up to four human opponents in single races and tournaments.

If you are interested in Tiny Trax, developer FuturLab are currently running a competition which gives participants the chance to win not only a copy of the game, but also a PlayStation Pro and PSVR headset. To enter you need to tweet to #TinyTraxWOW! with a picture of you with your “wow face”. More details can be found here.

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