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News Project CARS’ snow track revealed as Caucasus Mountains


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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

Not long ago, we reported on an intriguing new snow track revealed in Project CARS, but with no name and only a handful of screenshots to speculate over, it came across as an almighty tease on Slightly Mad Studio's part. However, thanks to some photos posted on their Facebook page, we now have a more vivid idea of what to expect.

Revealed as the Caucasus Mountains track, the new screenshots give a thorough tour of every  nook and cranny of the diverse high speed circuit. Admittedly, snow doesn't feature quite as prominently as we might have hoped, but judging from the screenshots there looks to be a broad mix of wide open roads, tunnels and snowy mountain inclines, with the change in terrain no doubt adding to the challenge.

Graphically, it all looks pretty stunning, but then that's nothing new for Project CARS, although it's refreshing to see some screenshots focus on a track as opposed to Project CARS' impeccable car models. Of course, it's hard to properly judge the track without any gameplay footage or a chance to drive it ourselves, but with the standard now set for Project CARS' assortment of fictional tracks you have to wonder what else we can look forward to in conjunction with the real life circuits. 

As of yet, Caucasus Mountains isn't available to WMD members. The track modeling looks virtually complete to us, though, so it's surely a matter of time before the community will get to thunder along those beautifully-rendered mountain roads in what is arguably the best looking track in Project CARS to date.

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