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News Project CARS release postponed to April 2015


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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

The release of Project CARS has been pushed back by another two weeks, publisher Bandai Namco has revealed.

Originally scheduled for a November 21st debut last year before being delayed to March 20th, the upcoming racing game from Slightly Mad Studios will now hit store shelves on April 2nd.

According to the official statement from Bandai Namco, the delay is due to "final adjustments" that need to be made before the studio can finally finish the crowdfunded title.

"Moving a release date was not an easy decision to make, as we know our fans are eager to get their hands-on on Project CARS", Slightly Mad's Ian Bell said in the statement. "But we know that these extra days will allow us to provide the best game experience that our fans deserve. We assure you the wait will be worth it when the game does arrive early April".

It's worth pointing out that the new release date only applies to the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Project CARS. At time of writing, a specific launch window for the WiiU version of the game has yet to be cited by Bandai Namco or Slightly Mad Studios.

Image source: Slightly Mad Studios

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