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Those familiar with Project CARS (which, if you're a regular visitor to Team VVV, you most likely are) will know that, every week, a new build is released that brings with it tweaks and changes to the game in its beta state.

This week, though, is a bit different: not only do we get two builds for Project CARS, but they're both pretty comprehensive updates to the Project CARS prototype.

The big selling point of the two builds, though, is that a new car has now been added to the beta: the fire-spitting, turbocharged monster that is the Group 5-spec Ford Capri from the early 1980s.

Below, we've added the full list of all the changes that the two new builds bring.

Build 346

* Reverted change made to BNew.hpp that was added initially to fix Physics linking with PhysX 3. This is better handled by making sure that all projects that use the Base Game Kernel include the game kernel headers correctly, doing so then prevents from being included
EOR Screens:

* Championship scoring now comes from data rather than being hard-coded, and can be set per-Championship. Scoring and Championship data added so the current ones demonstrate different scoring for larger groups and head-to-head

* Monterey: AIW’s and TRD’s updated to support 36 car grids

* Eifelwald: Tweaked graffiti textures


Build 345

* Changed Timings’ remote results not to rely on sender’s local player participant Ids, and changes it to use the sender’s node id

* Removed driver duel legacy messages


* Tidy up of env systems to make all weather state member variables protected out side of the enviroment lib
Bug Fixing:


* Automatic wheel preset selection will now prefer combined pedal presets if the controller indicates it is operating in combined mode
EOR Screens:

* Updating post race leaderboards screen


* Physics system files for the dynamic tyre objects placed on belgian forest kart track


* Weird white pixels removed from background image

* Eifelwald GP: New static lights

* Derby National: New road, inner terrain, barriers, kerbs etc from Schwantz to new Esses

* Derby: New textures addition

* Florence Short: Thrustmaster Event Dressing (tyre wall logos), tyre wall fixes

* Wisconsin Raceway: Added big garage/t14 building assets, new road with width

* Ford Capri Group5: Fixed tacho calibration

* Ford Capri Group5: Fixed missing front fenders in cockpit view

* Ford Capri Group5: Initial pass at physics

* Caterham Classic: Fixed lights glow texture

* BMW M1: merged in new wheelset, reorganized meshes, added CPIT clones, added ambient shadow, fixed various bugs

* BMW M1: Adjusted light textures a bit more

* GUMPERT apollo: Windscreen raindrop effect added to CPIT and LODA

This week is also the last one in which you'll be able to sign up for the Project CARS beta: Slightly Mad Studios will close the admission process as soon as all the funding required to complete the game has been gathered and, at time of writing, they're shy of the target by just 17 Euros.

So, if you want to play a part in the development of Project CARS (and if you want to get a discount on the game when it goes on sale sometime next year), we advise you sign up ASAP!

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