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News Project CARS Build 397 goes live; adds Focus RS & SLS AMG


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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

In the latest build for the Project CARS development beta, Slightly Mad Studios has included two all-new cars for all of its members to try out.

The first of the duo is the critically-acclaimed Ford Focus RS Mk II; the same Focus RS that comes with one of the lairiest bodykits and – courtesy of a 300bhp 2.5 turbocharged five-cylinder engine – biggest power outputs ever featured on a stock front-wheel drive hot hatchback

The second automotive addition to Project CARS is the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Again, a critically-acclaimed automobile, the SLS is perhaps known best for it's gullwing doors (in tribute to the car that inspired it, the iconic 300SL from the Fifties), it's thunderous 6.2 V8 engine and – if you saw Jeremy Clarkson's review of the car on Top Gear – a distinct ability to powerslide and destroy the rear tyres with ease.

Intriguingly, the photo album on the Project CARS Facebook page that features screengrabs of the SLS AMG is labelled "Unnamed German car manufacturer licence…", so it could suggest that – once Slightly Mad Studios acquires all of the necessary licences – there'll be more Mercedes-Benz models added to Project CARS in the near future.

The new Build also brings with it quite a few alterations to improve the usability of the in-game camera mechanics, along with some tweaking a few tracks in order to make them more accurate and representative of the real-life circuit.

The full list of changes and new features in the Project CARS Build 397 can be found below.

Build 397

* made R and F keys move camera up and down

* made Z and C keys roll camera left and right

* added mouse speed scaling (turn rate proportional to square root of movement speed) – off by default, toggled with num pad 0

* disabled radius text display until thread safety issue can be addressed




* Moneterey: Fixed export sets and re-exported

* Milan: Adjusted kerbs, rumbles, fied collision issues

* Eifelwald: Changed camber at Metzgesfeld, further edited Brnnchen area, added missing visitor gate at Adenauer forst, darkened asphalt

* BMW M3 GT: Setup tweaks

* Staro SRS: Very basic physics work. added collision export

* Staro SRS: AI audio setup and balance

* Staro SRS: Added missing display texture
* Staro SRS: Fixed rear wing animation

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