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News Project Cars: Audi R18 at Spa in heavy fog gameplay


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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

We get to grips with the Audi R18 in Project CARS racing at the iconic Spa circuit and take another look at the improved wet weather effects in the recently released 3.0 update.

If controlling a very powerful racing car in the wet wasn't enough of a challenge we've also introduced heavy fog in to the equation for that extra degree of difficulty.

Alan knows the Spa track very well which you'll need to if racing in these conditions, as the fog worsens the visibility reduces massively to the point where you are having to make educated guesses as to where the next bend is and when to brake for it.

The beauty of dynamic weather is that conditions are continually changing and you need to adapt your driving approach to suit the conditions at any given time which really adds to the thrill factor and feeling of immersion.

You can check out the action below. We recently published our very extensive review on Project CARS too which you can view here.

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