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News Project CARS’ 7.0 update now available for PS4, Xbox One to follow shortly


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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

The very latest Project CARS 7.0 update has now made its way over to the PlayStation 4 console shortly after it debuted on the PC. Xbox One owners will have to wait just a little longer however, just as it was with the previous update in fact.

The new 7.0 update for the PlayStation 4 version of Project CARS  sees small improvements in a number of areas including physics, audio (for a couple of cars) and some enhancements to the cockpit camera viewpoint in several of the game's vehicles.

Slightly Mad Studios have also reworked the AI paths at the Rouen Short track to keep AI drivers from running up the hill (which admittedly was pretty entertaining), and have added a dynamic race end timer feature for online races as well as some game crash issues.

You can view the full PlayStation 4 7.0 update changelog below and can expect the same patch to land on the Xbox One console very shortly.

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Project CARS PlayStation 4 Patch 7.0 changelog


Physics & Tyres

• Reduced flash layer temperature cap for GT3/LMP and other slick tires to make them less prone to overheating.







UDP streaming support

The UDP stream extension has been developed to allow 3rd party app developers the opportunity to receive telemetry data from the game. It is based mainly on the ‘Shared Memory API’ with a number of extensions to transmitted data.

UDP off

UDP 2 50/sec (20ms)

UDP 4 30/sec (32ms)

UDP 6 15/sec (66ms)

UDP 8 05/sec (200ms)

The stream is sent to a broadcast address ( on port 5606.

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