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News Project CARS 3 won’t have pit stops, tyre wear or fuel consumption


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Game: Project CARS 3

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 28/08/2020

Project CARS 3 developer Slightly Mad Studios has made a surprise revelation about the upcoming racing sim: the game won’t have any pit stops or simulated tyre and fuel usage to speak of.

As detailed by Slightly Mad, this design decision was made early on in the game’s development, as part of plans to place more emphasis on the on-track action in Project CARS 3. This, the game’s principle handling designer Nick Pope argues, means the developers have been able to focus on nailing the racing experience:

“By removing tyre wear and fuel usage”, explains Pope, “we could in turn remove pitstops, which resulted in much closer and more consistent racing. Thus, the whole process of getting to the part that matters most—the actual racing and driving of these amazing cars and their upgrades—became a far easier and more streamlined affair.

“All these game design decisions have had great results in terms of the racing— with the tyres at their optimal range all the time and fuel at optimal load, there is no break in the action to stop for more fuel or new rubber. It’s pure racing action, and it’s just made Project CARS 3 into a much better racing-driver experience.”

Despite these drastic changes, it seems there will be at least some form of on-track car management in Project CARS 3. For instance, while the temperature of the tyre’s core will be locked to an “optimal” value (which the game’s handling QA lead Jussi Karjalainen claims is on par with “what you’d want to heat the tyres up to in Project CARS 2”), the temperature of the tyre surface will still be dynamic and affect the car’s handling.

Likewise, while the tuning settings and interfaces are said to have been streamlined in comparison with prior games, Project CARS 3 players will still be able to tinker with their car’s aero, suspension, brake balance, gearing, differential, tyre pressure and weight distribution settings before heading out on the track.

If Slightly Mad Studios has any more Project CARS 3 feature bombshells up its sleeves, we won’t have to wait too long to find out about them and see how they affect the game, as Project CARS 3 is set to launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in just under two months’ time on 28th August.

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1 year ago

I wonder if pCARS 3 is actually pCARS Revolution with a name change? If pC3 is as fun as their NFS Shift games, it should be great.
Initially I was disappointed with the news however after wathcing Aris’s ACC videos where he laps for 3.5 hours just to set up a Porsche 911 GT3 for Zandvoort, I can see the value of what SMS have elected to do.
My only issue is SMS should cease talking about pC3 being a sim because it’s not.

1 year ago

Can’t say I’m against such a move. The sim racing market seems more crowded now (at least in competition for mindshare), and I don’t think the “jack of all, master of none” approach will cut it with the “hardcore” sim fans, given the more focused options available. So I can see why they’d maybe want to dial it back. Make it more approachable for people looking to just jump in and get into races; have it more about the experience of being in the cars, like in their prior Shift games. Wonder if Codemasters will eye this as a potential… Read more »

Paul Kelly
1 year ago

Curious to see if Codemasters and SMS have the stones to call this game a sim with such a glaring omission. There’s nothing wrong with taking direct aim at Forza — just don’t call this a sim.

1 year ago
Reply to  Paul Kelly

Why not? Forza calls itself a sim.

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