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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

The much anticipated 3.0 Project CARS patch has been released for PC and PS4, bringing with it a host of new features and improvements in what is a substansial update. Meanwhile, the Xbox One patch is still awaiting approval from Microsoft. 

Chief additions include a multiplayer spectator mode, online friends leaderboards, new force feedback profile options and further improvements to the physics and force feedback. 

You can find the full changelog below.

Project CARS – Patch 3.0 – Release Notes 

New & Enhanced Feature Summary

* New – Multiplayer Spectate Mode – players can now choose to ‘Retire to Pit Box’ during a race, and then spectate the ongoing race.

* New – Xbox One – added an Online Browse feature whereby the player can browse for specific lobbies.

* Enhanced HUD and Telemetry tyre info system – players can now see in real time which tyre compounds they are currently using, what each tyre’s pressure is, and how much each tyre is worn.

* DLC Career Contract support – the game now supports the addition of career contracts for new DLC vehicles so that players can use applicable cars in their core career series.

* New – Force Feedback – implemented the ability via menu sliders for the user to manually tweak the menu spring strength, stationary / low speed spring strength, and overall steering gain.

* Enhanced Weather system – all vehicles are updated with new window rain effects, featuring dynamic rivulets, much more realistic looking water drops, and wiper blade trail effects.


* New – Multiplayer Spectate Mode – players can now choose to ‘Retire to Pit Box’ during a race, and then spectate the ongoing race using the ‘Retire to pits’ and ‘Spectate’ options (note that this is currently only available on tracks that feature a pit lane).

* Implemented support for Leaderboards reset across all platforms.

* Added support for Multiplayer Quick Random to also join in-progress sessions

* Fixed an issue where the Drive button would remain permanently locked when joining an in-progress session.

* Fixed an issue where using the ‘Amateur’ skill filter would at times not show any lobbies.

Time Trial

* Force Time Trial weather on consoles to always be set to Light Cloud to match PC settings.

* Updated the in-game timings board to provide a visible distinction between the ghosts and the player’s entries: all ghosts now have status set to ‘Ghost’, and the Session best ghost has DRIVER text set to ‘Session Best’

Pitting, Tuning, Setups, Strategy

– – Players are now provided with information regarding current and upcoming weather, remaining session duration, and current track temperatures. 

– – The Setup and Pit Strategy screens will now display an estimation of how many laps the player can expect to run with the current fuel load, and updates in real time as the player adjusts the fuel slider.

* Enhanced HUD and Telemetry tyre info system:

* Fixed an issue where a damaged headlights would not get repaired if the player had damage level set to ‘Visual Damage Only’.

* Reworked the naming of several tyre compounds to make the names more indicative of their purpose, and to ensure that front and rear compound names match when set to the same compound.

* Accessing Pit Strategy in single player during non-race sessions no longer pauses the game.

* Fixed an issue that at times caused a setup from one car to be applied to a different car.

* Fixed an issue where, if you customized a setup that was automatically loaded from your saved setups, and then drive and return to pits, the customized setup would be lost and your setup will be reset to the previously saved setup.

Physics & AI

* Fixed an issue where, if a player has steering assist on and fuel use set to real, when low on fuel, the steering assist will pull them into the pits as they go past 

* Improved AI behaviour during crash recovery to further minimize the chances of AI cars getting stuck.

* Various tweaks and improvements to how AI responds to tyre wear in regards to pitting strategies.

* Fixed an issue with the player vehicle rolling backwards after entering pre-race tuning.

Cut Track / Off Track System


* Added Career Contracts for core career sport DLC cars:

– – LMP1: Audi R18 e-tron quattro

* Fixed an issue with pre-DLC save games not unlocking DLC career content.


* Tweaked the dirt surface sounds.

GUI, HUD, Telemetry

* Monitor/Spectate screen – the timings table now supports mouse clicks to change the driver that’s being observed. The screen now features the ability to view the selected driver’s info when playing online, by clicking on the new Gamercard button. Fixed several cases where the map would at times randomly freeze and/or be locked on the screen when telemetry overlay is displayed.

* Reworked the Replay/Spectate/Monitor interface to a more consistent design.

* Driver Network Profile – practice and qualifying sessions will no longer count towards races entered.

* Career post-race podium screen – fixed Lap times formatting to use the more logical MMSSTTT formatting (e.g. 01:20.457).

* Updated the Class logos used by Road cars to better differentiate the various road car classes.

* Fixed an issue where Cut Track warning messages appeared in the centre of the screen instead of to the side, out of the player’s line of sight.


* Replay Cameras – Azure Circuit – reworked the draw distance and positioning of a number of cameras to fix background issues and views being obstructed by trackside objects.

* Fixed a crash that occurred when the player loaded a replay that was saved with an older version of the game.

Controls & FFB

Menu Spring – the strength of the wheel centering spring in the front end and in-game pause menu.

Steering Gain – the gain (multiplier) applied to all steering effects (steering force, jolts, kerb rumble etc) after they have been mixed. For a clean more detailed experience set at 1.0 or below, for stronger feedback at the expense of clipping set higher (maximum value 5).

New – the Force Feedback Calibration screen now features a multiple force feedback profile selection system whereby the user can select a base FFB style that suits personal preference, and then tweak it further as desired. You can now switch between current FFB settings (Default) and pre-1.4 (classic) by using the FFB Calibration presets. These presets are available under Options > Controls > Calibrate Force Feedback. The presets are set on top of this page and the new sliders to control the spring/steering effect are at the bottom. Whenever you change these values it becomes a custom preset. You can switch back to either Default or Classic by selecting them at the top of this page.


* Logitech wheels – added LED support for the G29.

* Fixed an issue where the in-game menu spring centered the wheel when pausing while driving, which was jarring when both entering and exiting.

* Fixed an issue where mouse controls were producing a deadzone in the centre regardless of deadzone settings.

* Xbox One – fixed an issue where Force feedback was lost when focus was lost to the onscreen keyboard, other overlaid system apps or snapped apps.


* Audi R18 e-tron quattro – added the missing gear readout to cockpit display. Fixed ‘quattro’ to lower case in the showroom (licensing).

* Bentley Continental GT3 – fixed slight asymmetry in rear suspension design which was causing some unintentional cross weight.

* BMW V12 LMR – fixed engine lifetime numbers to match other similar cars.

* Escort MK1 and DLC BMW 2002 Turbo – rebalanced the AI performance.

* Formula C – dropped the AI ability in the rain a bit more for this car, as the AI was still too fast in the rain.

* McLaren MP4 12C – adjusted the default setup to match the change to stiffer tyres.

* McLaren F1 GTR – added suspension animations to limit front wheel movement in order to stop them clipping through the bodywork on large compressions.

* Radical SR3 and SR8 – reduced the backlight on the gear LCD in the cockpit to make it easier to read at night.

* RWD P20 LMP2 – recalibrated oil and water temperature warning lights to turn on when the engine is starting to overheat.

* Various cars – recalibrated the tyre deformation effect. This fixes many cars which were seeing too little or reversed lateral tyre deformations.

* Various cars – updated to use the correct tread textures for various tyre compounds

* 4WD/hybrid vehicles – enabled visual backfires.


* Bathurst – fixed an issue where cars would collide against invisible objects in the pit lane, and fixed an issue with black shapes appearing in the rear view mirrors on some parts of the track.

* Dubai layouts – fixed a graphical anomaly on the track surface.

* Nordschliefe – fixed an issue where AI attempting to leave their pit spots was being blocked by cars in the pit spot directly in front of them.

* Sakitto GP – unblocked pit lane and added pit lane directional signage.

* Silverstone layouts – fixed a false cut track warning at the pit entrance.

* Spa Francorchamps – fixed an issue where a number of bollards marking track limits had stopped appearing.

* Various tracks – Imola, Oschersleben GP, Oschersleben C course – cut track detection adjustments.

Oculus Rift

* Added support for a separate Graphics profile “GraphicsConfigOculusDX11.xml” when running with the Oculus Rift. This means that you can now set your graphic details to high/max when playing without the Rift, and turn the details down for optimum performance when using the Rift and the game will maintain both configurations and apply the applicable one automatically.

* Fixed excessive object pop-in in Oculus Rift mode that was caused by the modified field of view used in VR.

* Fixed SLI/XFire windowed mode performance issues – SLI/XFire isn't available in windowed mode, but several Renderer paths were still active, resulting in reduced performance, most notably for Oculus Rift which fakes a windowed mode.

* Fixed the issue where non cockpit view cameras were not incorporating the head-pose position correctly, which caused the camera to be spawned very low down.

* Fixed the issue where using FXAA caused black/opaque rendering when using Oculus Rift.


* Fixed an issue that would award players with a race win when skipping session after a false start.

* PC – added support to enable Opponent Car Reflections by using the “-insane” command-line option.

* Fixed an issue that caused vehicle windows to appear invisible in the player’s rear view mirrors.

* PS4 – fixed a crash that occurred when power cycling or when disconnecting and reconnecting a wheel.

* PS4 – fixed an issue where car bonnet reflections at times were out of sync with the environment being reflected.

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