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News Project CARS 2: devs have long term plan for post-release content


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Game: Project CARS 2

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 22/09/2017

Project CARS 2 will no doubt stand out from the ever-growing crowd of serious racing titles when it releases later in the year due to its wealth of content, including numerous racing disciplines and a plethora of tracks. However on top of the already impressive package, what can we expect regarding post-release content for Project CARS 2?

project cars 2 The original Project CARS saw the release of several free cars and tracks and it was of course supported by the Oculus Rift. Slightly Mad Studios’ creative director Andy Tudor explained to RedBull that the team were happy with how the DLC content for Project CARS was received, “we also added free cars and tracks, updates and bug fixes via our on demand program, and it went down extremely well with the community, so we were totally happy with the way that happened."

Although Tudor was unable to go in to any specifics, he did confirm that they have a long term plan for Project CARS 2, “we can't talk too much about further content currently, but yes, we are going to support Project CARS 2 long after launch”.

Indeed, Tudor recently confirmed that Slightly Mad Studios are “hard at work” on developing PlayStation VR (PSVR) support for Project CARS 2. However the development team are very keen to point out that although work is underway, Project CARS 2 for PSVR is far from confirmed.

The Project CARS 2 marketing machine has been firing on all cylinders of late, we've recently learned of the four Skylines and Evolutions heading to the title along with those oh so gorgeous Long Beach track teasers. We also caught up with Andy Tudor ourselves recently, you can listen to the full interview below.

Project CARS 2 will release for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in “late 2017”.

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