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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

Six weeks after the launch of Project CARS, Slightly Mad Studios have formally announced Project CARS 2 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Like the original, Project CARS 2 will also be crowd-funded with Slightly Mad's World of Mass Development programme, which is now open for sign-ups

Slightly Mad aim to expand Project CARS's already impressive track roster in the sequel, with plans for the sequel to have 50 unique locations and 200 playable tracks. Some tracks will take place on "loose surfaces" adding challenging conditions such as dirt, gravel, mud, and snow courses. 

Building on Project CARS' diverse selection of racing disciplines, Project CARS will contain over 200 cars with new disciplines including Rallycross, never-before-seen Concepts, and Banned Race Cars to the vehicle roster to the sequel and your own customisable Test Track. Other planned new features include Co-Op Career, Online Track Days, Broadcast eSports, 

Here's a summary of Project CARS 2's proposed features: 

THE LARGEST TRACK ROSTER EVER – 50 unique locations and 200+ courses including ‘loose surface racing’ on dirt, gravel, mud, and snow. All will have dynamic time of day and weather allowing you to play anytime, anywhere
THE WIDEST VARIETY OF MOTORSPORTS with 8 different disciplines now including Rallycross, Hillclimbs, and Touge. 200+ cars from over 40 different vehicle classes including never-before-seen Concepts and Banned Race Cars
CO-OP CAREER – Play as the Teammate Driver, Spotter, Driver Swap, or Co-Pilot. More choices, more opportunities, more strategy, greater risks and greater rewards
SEAMLESSLY CONNECTED – Socialize and compete via Online Track Days, have players from around the world take the place of AI-controlled drivers in your solo play, and get news updates on the Driver Network around you
PRO ESPORTS RACING – Skill & Behavioural-based matchmaking, create your own Online Racing Leagues, and Live Broadcast and Spectator functionality
YOUR HOME FOR RACING – Your own personal, customisable Test Track to tune and test your cars. Invite others to showcase your passion for racing and learn race craft and engineering with the Project CARS Academy.

Backers can enlist in one of five funding tiers: pledging £50 will give you access to regular builds and a digital copy of the final version, while £75 will net you a soundtrack, poster, your name in the credits and a digital Limited Edition version of Project CARS 2 on your platform of choice.

Those with a bit more cash to splash (i.e., in the region of £10k) will get a "Michelin-starred dinner with the Head Of Studio" plus a night at a "luxury hotel in London and a luxury weekend itinerary including use of a Ferrari 458 Spider." 

The guargrantum success of Project CARS meant that a sequel was inevitable, but it does seem a tad early to announce it considering only six weeks have passed since the launch of the original Project CARS – especially as it's still suffering from numerous bugs and issues.

The facf that Project CARS 2's development will be crowdfunded again is also surprising, given the profits of the original game. Still, it's encourgaging that Slightly Mad are able to make a future franchise out of Project CARS and evolve the series.

That's not to say Slightly Mad will be abandoning Project CARS – far from it. Slightly Mad will continue to support Project CARS with furhter updates and new content throughout 2015 and beyond, as part of Project CARS' On Demand scheme which will add a variety of free and paid-for content.

Development for Project CARS 2 is already underway, so we hope this doesn't distract Slightly Mad from addressing some of the bugs that are still plaguging the game. What are your thoughts on a Project CARS sequel being announced so early?

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