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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

The long-awaited Project CARS 2.0 patch update has finally been released for Xbox One, completing its roll-out across all platforms. The update is said to improve Xbox One performance in extreme conditions up to 17% and improve multiplayer stability, along with a host of other user-reported fixes. 

A PC-only 2.5 update has since been released containing more fixes, but Slightly Mad are now said to be working on a forthcoming 3.0 update for the console versions.

Here's the complete list of updates and fixes added in Project CARS V2.0:

Performance Improvements

Online & Community Events

* Community events page – when an event cannot be entered, it will now display the reason why: ‘Coming Soon’ along with a countdown, or ‘Expired’.

* Fix attempt for a hard-to-reproduce issue where the game would at times freeze or crash when 8 or more players joined a session all at once.


* Steering wheels – reduced the centering rate of the steering spring. This improves the feel of steering wheels at very low speeds.

* Gear shifters – when using an H-shifter on a car that has a sequential gearbox, the gearbox will now switch through the gears until the gear selected on the H-shifter is reached.

* Built in protection to prevent unsupported controller devices from crashing the game.

* Implemented accelerator vibration on the gamepad right trigger to indicate when and how much the tyres slip under acceleration. 

Physics & AI

* Adjusted the AI tyre wear rate to better match the player’s tyre wear rate.

* Adjusted the heating of slicks and rain tyres to more realistic levels.

* Adjusted rain tyres to generally be more sensitive to overheating, and less efficient in the dry.

* Improved the AI pitting logic during practice and qualifying so that the AI cars run more realistic stints before pitting.

* Fixed an issue where the AI would set impossible lap times during races with pit stops.

* Reduced the effect of damage to the car’s cooling system when suffering aero damage. This prevents engines from overheating and blowing at an unrealistic rate.

* Fixed an issue where at times some AI drivers in a race would use much higher skill levels than the rest of the field.

* Further tweaked the AI ability in wet races to more closely match the player car’s ability in the wet

Pitting, tuning, setups

* Fixed an issue where, when running low on fuel, the Pit Board would appear to tell the player to do a scheduled pit stop when the player did not schedule a pit stop.

* Fixed an issue where the car’s bump-stop value decreased after leaving a race session and joining it again.


* Track cutting tolerances reduced on all tracks where it was too forgiving.

* Silverstone Stowe – fixed render issues on some tyre stacks, and addressed an issue with cars driving through certain objects.

* Spa Francorchamps – fixed an issue where cars under AI control would bump into the pit wall when exiting the pit lane. Fixed an issue where the AI were running too wide over the exit curb at the Bus Stop Chicane. 

* Le Mans – fixed an issue that would at times cause the car to crash while in the pit lane, leading to a disqualification. Improved the AI race line for better speed, and improved the AI behaviour on curbs. 

* Imola – Improved the pit lane AI navigation, and fixed an issue with a section of the fence at the pit entrance that appear to float. 


* Fixed the unlock details for the Supercar Ardennes Club Day Invitational.


* Gumpert Apollo – fixed an issue with the livery sets that caused the livery selection to display wrong liveries.

* Lotus 98T – tweaked turbo to improve AI estimation of top speed.

* McLaren F1 – Fixed an issue that caused the car to use the wrong default tyre compound.

* All Formula vehicles – Stop brake light reflections appearing on cars that don’t have brake lights.


* Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when selecting the ‘Edit Tuning Setup’ option in the ‘PIT BOX’ screen.

* Driver Network Profile – fixed an issue where entering Free Practice mode would count toward Races Entered.

* Updated the achievement "I am the 5%" to ensure that it can be achieved in non-Pro-modes as well.

* GUI – fixed an issue where the controls configuration arrows in Options would not respond correctly to mouse input when attempting fine adjustment.

Has the 2.0 update improved your Project CARS experience on Xbox One?

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