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News Procedural level racer PolyRace launches on Steam


Kevin Dooley


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The one-man developed fast-paced futuristic racer PolyRace has recently launched on Steam.

The game features a procedural level generator which gives you an infinite number of different tracks. You'll choose between 4 hovercrafts, each with their own handling characteristics and race on generated terrain with valleys hills and mountains in either desert, continental or arctic landscapes. Take a look at some gameplay action below.

Polyrace focuses on a risk-reward style of gameplay which aims to test your reflexes and takes cues from the likes of F-Zero, Trackmania and Race the Sun. You can slide through the tracks in Explore Mode, race against ghosts in Time Attack Mode and challenge players online with the Race of the Day Mode complete with leaderboards.

You can purchase PolyRace on Steam right now with a 15% discount for £8.49.

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