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Megacom Games have released a playable pre-alpha PC demo of their 80's retro sci-fi racer Power Drive 2000. The demo comes as the Kickstarter campaign has less than 10 days left remaining, which has not long passed the 1/3 funded mark.

The developer has stated that they have been 'able to swing' a potential Playstation 4 release for the racer although whether it arrives on other consoles is still yet to be determined. Megacom also say that they will include a car that looks very similar to the Delorean S2 (that's the Back to the Future car minus the time-traveling gubbins sadly) should they get full funding for their title.

Power Drive 2000 will offer six game modes in all, and most will support online and local split screen multiplayer. There's 'Outrun Mode' which tasks you to outrun a police helicopter, 'Vaporizer Mode' where the walls of the track are adorned with a deadly laser fence, and 'Gauntlet Mode' where you dodge obstacles within a procedurally generated environment all while you escape a giant laser wall that is hell bent on your destruction obviously.

Your 'Avenger 2000' car has an on-board artificial intelligence called C.A.T. (Computerized Autonomous Technology) which will keep an eye out on your car's various systems and will even offer you suggestions and encouragement with your driving. 

Check out Power Drive's Kickstarter page for a demo download link and for even more take a peak at the game's Steam page.

If you've played the demo let us know in the comments below how you got on with it.

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