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Retro racer Power Drive 2000 instantly won us over with its futuristic car design, stylised graphics and '80s synth soundtrack that made you feel like you were driving through an episode of Knight Rider. And if it wasn't already an obvious ode to the hit '80s show that made David Hasselhoff a household name, it even has a talking car. Forget KITT – this is CAT, i.e. the "Computerised Autonomous Technology" powering your car that will keep a watchful eye on your health. 

Developer Megacom Games have been trying to get the project off the ground with a Kickstarter campaign, which ended today. Fortunately, it was a resounding success raising $52,114 by 1,960 backers, exceeding its original $45,000 funding goal and securing a final release on PC, Mac, Linux and PS4. 

In the meantime, a bitesize playable demo of Power Drive 2000 in pre-alpha form was released to whet our appetites, which Alan samples in a brief gameplay video run. And yes, it does support triple screen.


In gameplay terms, Power Drive 2000 is pretty basic – like the Drift Stage demo, you simply boost and powerslide your way through a neon-lit course in an unlimited time trial. It's not going to keep you occupied for very long, but it's a very enjoyable way to fill five minutes.

After playing Power Drive 2000 made us reminisce over Knight Rider, what better excuse to get reacquainted with the Hoff?


What do you make of Power Drive 2000?

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