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When it comes to partnerships between car companies with racing teams and noteworthy major sponsors, few are as iconic as the 'alliance' between Porsche and Martini. Over the years, especially during the 1970s, various Porkers over the years have adorned the famed stripes, with the most famous being the 917 that won Le Mans in 1971.

To preview what it will look like once the car is ready for sale in 2013, the Stuttgart-based company has released a few images of a pre-production 918 prototype that are adorned with the tricolours running down the flanks. And, if we do say so ourselves, it looks absolutely fantastic.

But that's not the only exciting feature that prospective customers will have to look forward to. The 918 Spyder comes with a 4.6 race-derived V8 which, when coupled up with the two electric motors, churns out a rather substantial 762bhp.

Clientele can also order optional, limited-run 'Race Track' pack, which sheds the curb weight of the 918 weight down to a mass "less than 1700 kg", by binning all the unnecessary bits 'n bobs that litter the cabin.

If you're a very wealthy person who's in the position to afford a new hypercar, get in line and be prepared to fork out a big deposit – Porsche will be selling the 918 for £672,000 a pop, and will be limited to 918 units.

Oh, and if you do manage to get hold of one, would it be out of the question if we could have a passenger ride in it, please?

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