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News Porsche will be included in future Forza titles from launch


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Porsche models will be included in the on-disc car rosters of upcoming Forza games, according to the Forza franchise's creative director.

As stated by Dan Greenawalt, the recently-announced partnership between Xbox and Porsche now allows future Forza titles to include an array of Porsches from launch.

It's highly likely the first Forza game since Forza Motorsport 3 to include Porsches from day one will be the upcoming Forza Motorsport 7.

The six-year duration of the aforementioned partnership potentially means Porsches will be included in Forza games from day one up to Forza Motorsport 9 and Forza Horizon 5 – assuming both Forza sub-franchises will still be operating uninterrupted by 2022 on an alternating annual release schedule.

It's incredibly probable that Porsches will still be introduced to future Forza games post-launch, via premium downloadable content and/or future iterations of Forza Horizon 3's Forzathon setup.

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