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News Porsche “looking into” possible future e-sport ventures


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Porsche could potentially field its own works 'e-drivers' in e-sport motorsport events in the future, according to Porsche's Branded Entertainment Manager.

Speaking to Ars Technica, Sebastian Hornung revealed the famous German car maker is "definitely looking into" potential avenues to pursue in the e-sports scene.


Most interestingly, Hornung elaborated on the possibility of Porsche running its own e-sports works drivers – citing how it would be a suitable fit with Porsche's current motorsport and junior driver training activities.

However, it's worth stressing that Porsche is still waiting to see "if there is something feasible" in the idea of an official works e-sports venture. Hornung also stated Porsche is exploring options to "support [e-sports in} a different way", on top of iterating how it's "too early" for Porsche to commit to anything at this stage.

If the Porsche-supported driver proposal does fall through, it's more likely Porsche's e-sports involvement will be along the lines of the upcoming Porsche-themed Season 3 of the Forza Racing Championship

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