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Polyphony Digital may have been getting a bit of slack as of late, especially in comparisons with how Turn 10's efforts on the Xbox 360 are faring, but you do have to admire the Japanese developer's post-launch support for its titles.

After all, PD kept on updating GT5: Prologue right up until the full game it previewed went on sale, and even nearly two years after GT5 first hit the shelves, there's still a constant supply of software updates. If you can criticise Polyphony  for anything, not caring about the games and its fanbase isn't one of them!

However, though it was inevitable, it does seem that we may be seeing less updates (or at least a less regular stream of them), as it appears that PD boss Kazunori Yamauchi has finally conceded that GT6 is the main priority from now on.

And the evidence for this? A Tweet sent to the big man Kaz himself, which has thankfully been translated into English, courtesy of the folk at GTPlanet.net:

@Newsportsx: that recent updates have become small or that there aren’t cars on DLCs, is this because you’re putting hard efforts on [GT] 6?
@Kaz_Yamauchi: Yep.

But don't see this as the end of the road for GT5. After all, Kaz himself has confirmed that more DLC is in the pipelines, and there's allegedley a special-edition version of Gran Turismo 5 in the works too.

Though it's still great to hear that the hotly anticipated GT6 is now at the top of Polyphony Digital's 'To Do' list. Here's hoping this means we'll see a faster development cycle this time around – a wait as long as the one we had for GT5 would be absolute torture!

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