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News Polyphony Digital “bans” modders and hackers from Gran Turismo 5


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Game: Gran Turismo

Platform: PS1

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 20/03/1998

Polyphony Digital has confirmed it will clamp down on Gran Turismo 5 players who have been caught using "illicitly modified data" in the PS3-exclusive racing game.

Much in the same way Turn 10 has done so in the past with users who have been identified as hackers in previous Forza Motorsport titles, Polyphony Digital has "banned" those who have been sussed out as a user of hacked GT5 car files.

In the official statement, Polyphony went on to state the Online IDs of the banned players "will no longer be able to access the online portion of Gran Turismo 5", and will eventually be "subject to penalties".

However, Polyphony Digital never mentioned specifics regarding what constitutes as a user of "illicitly modified data" in the statement, nor was anything specific mentioned about how they'd be able to track down these users (though, given servers are required for online gameplay, it's possible that PD would monitor or analyse data from those in order to sniff out the culprits).

This isn't the first time PD has taken action against users who've been able to extract more from the in-game cars than was previously thought possible under the game's restrictions – for example, GT5's Seasonal Events have morphed from races where (theoretically) any vehicle you own in-game can be used, to events where the only car that's eligible is the one that PD has provided.

The full statement from Polyphony Digital has been added below:


We have recently confirmed usage of illicitly modified game data in the online services of Gran Turismo 5, and the relevant accounts have now been banned from the service.

Hereafter, these Online ID’s in question will no longer be able to access the online portion of Gran Turismo 5.

Please be aware that usage of illicitly modified game data and any mischievous conduct against other players using such data are strictly prohibited, and will be subject to penalties as soon as they are found.

We ask everyone for their continued understanding and support."

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