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Here's something every hardcore racing game and Top Gear fan enthusiast needs in their life: the Playseat Xtreme Elite Top Gear Seat.

It's fully adjustable if you're a giant like Alan, allowing you to adjust the incline of the seat, the distance to the pedals and steering wheel and more, and includes built-in mounts for a sequential shifter, handbrake and even VESA monitor.  

No release date yet, but the Playseat Xtreme Elite Top Gear Seat is available to preorder for € 1.699,00 at Playseat's website. Because sim racing is an expensive hobby, right?

Now probably wasn't the best time to announce a Top Gear-branded product considering that, y'know, the show as we know it was recently axed –  unless PlaySeat know something we don't and it was all a conspiracy. Yes, I'm probably still in denial that it's over, as this self-confessed Top Gear fanatic is still grieving. Still, it's probably better than the last Top Gear racing seat which was ambitious but rubbish

While the timing is perhaps unfortunate, interest in the newly-released Project CARS will surely see a spike in racing seat and peripheral sales.

Does having the Top Gear logo stamped on your racing seat enough to entice you to invest in the Xtreme Elite? Pull a wheelspin in the comments below.

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