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News Physics-based stunt bike racer Urban Trial Playground releases for Switch


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The Nintendo Switch has today received its first ever stunt bike racer thanks to the digital release of Urban Trial Playground exclusive to the platform.

Urban Trial Playground is actually the third title in the Urban Trial series which has amassed over one million sales. Urban Trial Playground swaps the streets (found in Urban Trial Freestyle 1 and 2) for the sunny beaches of California.

Not content with just a change in setting, Urban Trial Playground also features changes in gameplay with the franchise first feature of independent front and rear brake controls. Players will be able to pull off stoppies and front flips as well as sliding into huge "skid burns" on the track to build longer combos.

Urban Trial Playground features Freestyle & Time Trial modes as well as online leaderboards across the fifty plus stages. You can best your own times by competing against your own ghost in Ghost mode and aim to shave off those precious tenths. 

You can race against friends or family in couch-based competitive modes with 2-player split screen support in Time Trial and Tag modes. Urban Trial Playground also features 5 bikes which can be upgraded (engine, brakes and more) as well as visually customised to your liking. 

Joseph Debecki, producer of Tate Multimedia said “We have worked closely with Nintendo over the last few years and found great success on their industry-defining consoles, both digitally and at retail. We are very excited to continue to bring the Urban Trial games exclusively for their platforms and be part of the incredibly successful first year of Nintendo Switch”.

Finally, Tate Multimedia has plans to release a physical retail copy of the game in Japan, Europe and Australia. No release date has yet been announced, however, more details will follow shortly. We do know that the physical release will include exclusive art cards as well as the game itself (imagine!).

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