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News Palm Beach International Raceway v2 released for rFactor 2


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Game: Rfactor 2

Platform: PC

Publisher: Image Space Incorporated

Release Date: 28/03/2013

After much screenshot teasing, Image Space Inc. have released the updated version on the Palm Beach International Raceway track for rFactor 2.

rFactor 2 Palm Beach International Speedway version 2 oval race track

Palm Beach International Raceway v2.02 brings the classic track up to modern day standards as one would imagine. Its perhaps not a stretch to say that developer Image Space Inc. have transformed the place thanks to upgraded track and track side object textures and even going as far as to improve the look of the water on the track side pond.

Not only that, version 2.02 of the Palm Beach International Raceway features a newly added tight and twisty kart layout too. You can view the full list of changes for the updated track below.

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Added Kart layout

Implemented latest RealRoad shader

New road detail maps

Replaced pitlane concrete with a more accurate version

Remapped curbs

Added blue lines in pitlane

Remapped and enhanced RaceGroove for both layouts

Cleaned up terrain mesh

New grass and soil textures

Optimized terrain objects for smoothness

Improved water to resemble swamp pond

Optimized fence materials for better performance

Added foam defender barriers

Replaced tyre walls

Optimized walls, fences, tyre barriers for smoothness

Replaced and replanted 2D trees with baked 3D trees

Added water plants

Replaced Road Course and Drag Race Control towers with new, high detail models

Optimized grandstand objects and materials, and improved textures

Replaced floodlight posts with much better model

Removed flags and sponsor signs

Added some electrical boxes

Updated notice boards to rF2 users

Replaced cones with much more detailed ones

Replaced bins with much better model

Replaced car trailer and bus with much better models

Refreshed trackside cameras

Updated TDF with all the latest tech

Created new UI art
Added Test Team RealRoad Preset Package

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