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News OnRush redefines the racing genre by doing away with the finishing line


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Game: Onrush

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Deep Silver

Release Date: 05/06/2018

Onrush is the intriguing upcoming arcade racer from the ex-Evolution Studios team (now working under Codemasters) which has brought us excellent racing titles over the years including the WRC series on PlayStation 2, followed by the Motorstorm series on PlayStation 3, and this generation's Driveclub.

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Onrush looks to rip up the rulebook of racing and even go as far as to do away with the finish line, no really. Game director Paul Rustchynsky and associate game director Jamie Brayshaw recently conducted an interview with Redbull to reveal some rather interesting tidbits on the racer due for release in June for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (with a PC version to follow thereafter).

"You earn points by taking down opponents and completing objectives. It's not about getting out in front and being untouchable, or getting out in front and waiting for the others to catch up. With Onrush, the aim is to complete objectives before your opponent – and by objectives we don't mean driving safely or completing a clean section," revealed Rustchynsky.

Although Motorstorm was a very hectic title even by arcade racing game standards, Onrush looks to go one further and amp the arcade action up to eleven. "Points are scored while in the thick of the action and this is what makes the gameplay so compelling," said Brayshaw. "You have to get your hands dirty to win. Make no mistake, this is a full-contact sport. Smashing into things and taking down your opponents is a major part of the fun. Just make sure you give as good as you get."

"There are no positions and there's no finish line, it's all about scoring big and making big plays every time you hit the track," Rustchynsky added. "As we said, our goal is to redefine racing and, for us, it's all about living in the moment, staying in the heart of the action, scoring points and creating jaw-droppingly cool moments that you'll want to share with your mates. We make sure to keep you in the action and fighting to the finish every time you play,” he continued.

The racing genre tends to lack in the innovation department which is understandable given its nature. However, Onrush seems so radical that it may just spawn a new sub-genre on its own with its battle-focused racing which throws out traditional racing elements in favour of non-stop action and fun.

More and more details of Onrush are being revealed so keep checking back for more. One week ago, Codemasters revealed the pre-order goodies for Onrush which includes numerous vehicle designs, two track tombstones (which look inspired by Micro Machines World Series), the Vortex buggy, and more.  

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