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News Only one racing game makes Eurogamer’s Top 50


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Game: Gran Turismo Sport

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 17/10/2017

In a year which saw releases from the Gran Turismo, Project CARS and Forza Motorsport staples (not to mention countless other racing titles including a number of annual releases), you could argue that 2017 was the year of the racing genre.

gran turismo sport porsche lmp1 It is then very surprising to find out that the top 50 games of 2017 as picked by Eurogamer, features only one racing title: Gran Turismo Sport. To make matters even worse, this one racing title sits outside of the top twenty (admittedly only just, as it resides in twenty-first place).

In contrast, Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2017 sees a much healthier tally of four racing games featuring. Rather bizarrely, Gran Turismo Sport also sits in twenty-first place in the readers' vote as the highest placed racing title. Elsewhere, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe beats out Forza Motorsport 7 by one place sitting at twenty-four. Finally, WipEout Omega Collection occupies fortieth position.

Which racing games do you think should've made these top 50 lists?

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