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News Omnibus releasing May 26, Bus Driver Edition includes a real bus


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Indie developer Buddy Cops have announced that their crazy bus demolition title Omnibus will release on the PC on May 26.

In Omnibus you control a bus that has no brakes and in fact keeps getting quicker and quicker, you score points by smashing through objects such as buildings and fences. Besides the demolition action the title features a number of different missions which test your reflexes and in some cases require some finesse, to get a good idea of the action found in Omnibus check out the previously released video below.

There are three versions of Omnibus: the free edition, the Game of the Year Edition which comes with the soundtrack, and then there's the Bus Driver edition which comes complete with an actual MCI bus and can be yours for $7,500.

It's hard to tell whether the Bus Driver edition actually exists as the Omnibus video above is full of tongue-in-cheek moments but apparently the development team have one bus available for pickup only and they are only interested in serious inquiries only. 

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